The ACLU and Planned Parenthood and their allies are very aggressively pushing for signatures on a petition to try to add an Amendment to the Florida Constitution on the 2024 ballot. If they were successful and were able to get this very deceptive and dangerous amendment on the ballot and if it passed, it would override and eliminate almost all Florida pro-life laws on the books and essentially allow unrestricted abortion.  See the attached flyer labeled “Warning” from Florida Family Action.

Beware of the Extreme, Deceptive, and Dangerous Abortion-On-Demand Amendment Circulating Florida

he ACLU and Planned Parenthood have organized a heavily funded stealth group called “Floridians Protecting Freedom.” They are circulating a petition entitled “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion.” The ballot summary of the petition reads as follows:   Follow the link:  Read more about the harms of this bill.

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